Since its first edition, TECNOSEC has been called to become the main professional forum for police, intelligence and security technologies, since it concentrates in the same space in Madrid the greatest business opportunities among an offer more and more specialized in technological solutions.

At a time when public-private collaboration is increasingly necessary for the development of new capacities through an R&D programmed in coordination among the Administration and its different bodies, development companies and research centres, in In the field of security technologies, this forum is essential to share knowledge and trends and present useful work and products for security and intelligence bodies and critical infrastructures, connecting all the actors involved: on the one hand, developers and producers of capabilities, and on the other the managers and operatives who use security technologies.

APTIE is going to organize TECNOSEC with the Institutional Sponsorship of the Ministry of Interior, a major annual event, which will be the reference showcase of high technologies for the different police forces, security institutions and critical infrastructures, such as Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Big Data, New Platforms and Sensors, Cybersecurity, Identification and Biometrics, Data and Image Analysis, 5G Communications, and in general, solutions for national security, counter-terrorism, economic and industrial intelligence and against organized crime.

The exhibition area is structured around the following areas:

        • Police, security and intelligence technologies
        • Communications, Command and Control
        • Scientific and Crime Police
        • Platforms and sensors
        • Cybersecurity: Cyber ​​defense and Cybersec
        • Critical infrastructure protection
        • Border security and major events

The pavilion will have two auditoriums, one of them to discuss technological trends and their integration into security systems, and another for technical and product presentations.

In its 4,000 sqm. in the Crystal Pavilion, it will be the meeting point for the main security players, and a generator of knowledge for the national security technology industry, and specialized R&D&I.

TECNOSEC will take place in parallel with the DRONExpo fair dedicated to drone technology, anti-drone and applications, which is a perfect complement in such an important field of unmanned aerial and ground platforms, with a growing and intensive implementation in bodies and entities security for their operations.