Exhibitor Profile

In its 4,000 m2 of exhibition space, TECNOSEC will bring together the most important technology companies in the Security sector, with technology products and services for security, intelligence and critical infrastructure protection.

Police, Security and Intelligence Technologies

  • Agent Protection
  • Technologies for the integration, analysis and management of operational and documentary information (big data, AI, biometrics, virtual and augmented reality, etc.)
  • Intelligence against organized and financial crime
  • Counterterrorism intelligence

Communications, Command and Control

  • Secure communications
  • Mobility in communications
  • Management of operating units
  • Disaster in management

Cybersecurity: Cyberdefense and Cybersec

  • Detection, monitoring, defense and response technologies
  • Anti-malware, monitoring and forensic software
  • Secured hardware, cryptographic, firewall and ruggedized
  • High security level CPD and Hosting services
  • SOC, CSIRT, CERT and CIRT services

Platforms and Sensors

  • Drones, anti-drones and robots
  • police vehicles
  • On board equipment
  • Detection sensors

Critical Infrastructures Protection

  • Facility Protection
  • CBRN
  • Detection and protection against explosives

Border Security and Large Events

  • Coast and sea detection and protection technologies
  • People Identification Technologies
  • Documentation security technologies. blockchain
  • review and baggage control

Scientific and Crime Police

  • Laboratory equipment
  • Mobile and personal laboratories
  • DNA
  • Zone analysis technologies